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The the most important question mainstream media is not asking is: “Was the Hiroshima-like Beirut explosion an Israeli missile or not?” Watch S-NEWS Video Analysis at the end of this report.

Survivability News Reporter. August 27, 2020

While almost all global and local news outlets reported on the Beirut blast, very few deviated from talking about the causes of the explosion being the tons of Ammonium Nitrate stored at the Beirut port and the corruption that kept them there since 2013.

Almost none of the western main stream and middle east news outlets investigated the many dozens of eye witness accounts of a military aircraft and one or multiple drones being seen in the air moments before the blast. This includes CNN, BBC, Fox, Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya and many others.

Video footage of a missile attack being the ignitor went viral. But no authentic independent 3rd party attested to their authenticity. Some looked doctored with the naked eye.

Many Lebanese and Arab Gulf news cannels went to the trouble of discounting any such hypotheses very cleverly without ever mentioning Israel and reporting a story comparing two Ammonium Nitrates blasts – Beirut’s and Texas in 1947.

Is it a coincidence they picked a blast that was one year before the state of Israel was declared in 1948 and creating the illusion that the blasts resembled each other? This is because they do not.

Even US President Trump said his great generals told him it was an attack, only to be corrected by the Pentagon shortly after.

Watch below Era of the Unprecedented Investigative Program Producer and Survivability News Publisher Khaled Fattal giving in-depth analysis in this August 11, 2020 VideoCast titled “Beirut Explosion – Is An international Cover up Underway?”.

VideoCast date was the same day the Lebanese government resigned, three days after President Macron’s visited Beirut, and six days after the white cloud Hiroshima-like Beirut  explosion.

Unfolding story. More to come.


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