Breaking: Did Donald Trump Really Test Positive to Covid-19? or is it an Unprecedented Global Journalism Failure to Verify it’s not “Faked News” Before Reporting it as Fact?

Survivability News Publisher’s Corner

Is there any doubt today that the world lives in the new era of unprecedented information and misinformation, fake news, campaigns, and warfare?

For the last few hours, media outlets worldwide have been reporting that President Trump and the first lady have tested positive for coronavirus. They have also reported that this was as a result of senior White House adviser Hope Hicks having tested positive too.

But most, if not all of these media outlets, are falling in line like sheep in failing to do their jobs. None of them seem to be asking, investigating or probing some of these questions below:

  1. Why are most, if not all mainstream media, not questioning, investigating, and determining this is NOT “faked news” first, before reporting it as fact?  
  2. How can the media and journalists verify that this is actually fact, and not fake news?
  3. How can the general public also verify that this is fact, and not fake news especially if they distrust the media overall?
  4. How can American citizens (voters) and people worldwide be certain this is not a White House purposed “Faked News re-election campaign ploy to shelter President Trump from another “Sh*t show presidential debate” (CNN), “Train Wreck” (others), and stock market falling?
  5. Was this a deliberate fake news and misinformation tactic to alter the ‘media focus’ to point to Trump’s Covid-19 condition and recovery progress instead of on the tough issues and their solutions American voters are weighing before they vote?


  • Must people await a whistleblower to step up?
  • A hacker to compromise a middle or top While House aid’s phone or computer, or the secure White House Communication System itself for the world to uncover the truth?

Journalism Failing and Democracy’s Stage 4 Cancer

It would seem conclusive and beyond a shadow of a doubt to me that traditional and modern media outlets are failing us. Moreover, they and their so called “journalists”—who are meant to keep our officials in check in order to keep our democracies alive and functioning effectively—are compromising us on unprecedented scales. 

Is it not time for most of today’s journalists to have their job roles/titles relabelled? Wouldn’t titles such as “Story drafters/writers” or “Teleprompter Readers” be more appropriate? After all, isn’t this what most of them have become?  

Today, information and misinformation campaigns and warfare are not only a fact of everyday life, they will continue rising to new and unprecedented highs. Traditional, modern, and hired media continue failing to be effective. Will their journalists be able to keep officials in check and hold them accountable? 

At the end of the day, this final question must be asked:

How can democracy, where it is enshrined and elsewhere where it is aspired for, be saved from it’s stage 4 cancer?

Khaled Fattal, Survivability News Publisher.

Unfolding story – Watch this space.  

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