Call for Global Boycott of Lavazza & its Coffee Products | Trying to Silence Responsible, Passionate Free Speech Must Not Go Unpunished by Defenders of Human Rights.

by Khaled Fattal - Survivability News Publisher's Corner.

Arsenal sponsor Lavazza holds urgent talks with the club after Mohamed Elneny posted pro-Palestine message on social media and say it is ‘not aligned with our values’ | Arsenal responds by insisting stars are ‘entitled to their views.’

Time for true lovers of freedom, dignity, democracy and human rights anywhere in the world to exercise their economic and civic duty.

Time to boycott those who try to silence responsible, and passionate free speech through economic and political manipulation, coercion. and influence.

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Arsenal sponsor Lavazza, the coffee company, is guilty of this ugly and shameful practice. It announced that it held urgent talks with Arsenal Football club after Mohamed Elneny posted a pro-Palestine message on social media. Lavazza added about Elneny’s message: ‘”not aligned with our values”.

Thank you Lavazza for clarifying your values and flexing your money to silence passionate free speech.

Credit should go to Arsenal Football club who refused to cave -in to Lavazza’s threat of withholding or cancelling its sponsorship money if the club failed to act.

“As of this moment, I announce that I will be boycotting Lavazza and all its products.

I call on all people all over the world who believe in the sanctity of Human Rights and Free Speech to join my boycott of Lavazza, and its Products, until further notice.”

Khaled Fattal, Survivability News Publisher & MLi Group Executive chairman.

See Elneny’s tweet on the right. Do you spot the imaginary Antisemitism Lavazza is talking about?

I thank you also Lavazza for helping me see you for what you are.

I thank you for helping me identify the appropriate and prompt and corrective actions. And BTW, I am not offering any money, or bribe, to those who join my call to boycott you.

Also, I call on western citizens who do not drink your coffee but who are unapologetic lovers of human rights and free speech to exercise their civic duty to share with their friends to join my boycott call of Lavazza.

by Khaled Fattal | Survivability News Publisher’s Corner.

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