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Greece Turkey Conflict | Is Europe now at Greater Risk?

Survivability News Reporter, August, 30, 2020.

Recent Greece Turkey escalations have tuned regional tit for tat into an international concern but with greater ambiguities.

Turkey is not only a member but also a founder of the NATO alliance tasked with the critical role of the defence of Europe.

Greece is an EU member and has the entire European Union, the west, and NATO behind it. Yet the Greece Turkey tensions, including mutual accusations of Geo-Poli-Cyber attacks on corporate and national institutions have reached unprecedented highs.

So much is at stake for Turkey with its direct involvement in many regional geopolitical events. These factors are playing pivotal roles in its recent conflict with Greece and the west.

Moreover, Turkey’s historic support of extremist groups such as Daesh and Al-Nusrah front and many others and its high level and direct collaboration with the west specifically Israel, Saudi Arabia , UAE and Qatar during the nine year Syrian civil war has now turned these allies into rivals and bitter enemies.  

Turkey’s recent expansion and influence in Libya, Syria, Armenia-Azerbaijan military and cyber conflicts, Eastern Europe and beyond is of concern to the west, especially France. They are keen to make sure Erdogan’s aspiration are kept in check.

What is NATO’s role if this conflict escalates or erupts into military confrontation?  what new risk does this add to the security of Europe and the livelihoods of its citizens?

Just the headlines of the reports below from varied news agencies should give you a better awareness of the seriousness of this conflict to Europe and its security.

Survivability News recommends its readers read these stories for an wider and greater depth and perspective. 

More to come on this unfolding story.


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