Is new “Paint Brush” to occupy White House?  Is AIPAC’s man in Obama’s Administration back in Biden’s – Real Change? Give me a Break.

By Khaled Fattal, Survivability News Publisher.

Is A New Paint Brush to Occupy The White House?

In 2008, Americans and the world celebrated Barack Obama’s win of the White House with the slogan “Change has come to America” after an eight year presidential tenure of George W. Bush.

Bush had alienated the US from much of the world. He launched the Global War on Terror in response to the 9/11 attacks with the illegal Iraq invasion based on false intelligence reports. He also launched the Bush Doctrine of preemptive strikes. Both laid the foundation for the rise of Wahhabism, birth of ISIS and its funding and guidance by the US by and its oil rich Arab allies. This brought rise to a new extremist version of Islam which increased Islamophobia against 2 billion Muslims around that have nothing to do with it.

The global war on terror needed serious funding. Bush strategy was masterminded by his V.P. Dick Cheney. Cheney was former chairman and CEO of Halliburton – a major US defence contractor, and exclusive Pentagon contractor in the Iraq war.

Bush and Cheney made sure the Military Industrial Complex, was happy and well funded in its war on terror, supposedly to save the world from “Islamic Terrorism” which they master-minded in creating in the first place with their allies.

Worth noting, Bush was also a very good friend to certain foreign governments and their special interest groups – Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, and Saudi Arabia, the hub of Wahhabism. History proved Obama to be no different and no less.

Eight years after Obama took the White House office, the world discovered that the “Change” Obama promised was just ‘fluff’. The same voters who voted for him in 2008 hoping for real change turned to Donald Trump to “Drain the Swamp” because not much change had reached them.

This fluff, labelled as change, was delivered by the well entrenched and unchangeable ‘American Establishment’ by none other than America’s first ever African American President Barack Obama.

Obama brought Bush and many special interest establishment characters, such as Rahm Emanuel, to his cabinet to assure them that his allegiance to them and his loyal service will be uninterrupted. This is partly why I started labelling Barack Obama “The Paint Brush” more than a decade ago.

in June 2008, Obama visited Egypt to deliver his infamous speech to Muslims around the world from Al-Azhar University in Cairo ( watch video below).

Obama eloquently talked about a new era based on mutual respect between the US and Islam. I wrote a post on Obama’s speech back in 2008 titled “Will Obama’s Speech From Cairo Make Any Difference to The Muslims Of The World? Are Muslims and Arabs Ready To Trust America Yet? If Not? Why Not?

Eight months earlier, on November 18, 2008, AIPAC’s Man in Obama Camp. Barack Obama’s first appointment – Chicago’s Congressman Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff.

Giraldi found himself very unsettled by Emanuel’s appointment suggested that voters who had hoped for real change in Washington will be disappointed. He warned that there should also be some concern on the part of Americans who believe that a close and continuing relationship with a foreign government might disqualify one for high office in the United States.

In fact, only hours ago, and 12 years after Giraldi voiced his alarm, US Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez voiced the same alarm saying: “Biden picking Rahm Emanuel for cabinet would be ‘divisive’”.

Sounds like not much has changed – Except the faces.

Why?  Giraldi answers it very well when he said:

“Emanuel, far from serving as a neutral gateway to the president, has some very strong views on foreign policy, particularly regarding the Middle East, views that are closer to those of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney than they are to the millions of voters who thought that Obama would put an end to “wars of choice.” And Obama appears to share at least some of those views, though he might be driven primarily by unwillingness to antagonize Israel’s numerous cheerleaders in the Democratic Party. During the presidential campaign Obama refused to meet with American Muslims, and on a fact-finding trip to the Middle East last summer he spent several days in Israel but only 45 minutes with Palestinian leaders”.

Is President Elect Biden the “New Paint Brush”?

President elect Biden is about to appoint Rahm Emanuel, AIPAC and Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu’s man, as a member of the new Biden Cabinet. And I am not in the least surprised.

So if you are expecting any ‘real change’ with Biden in office I suggest you stop day-dreaming and continue your activism demanding our politicians serve our people first, foremost and above all.

My Predictions of Biden’s Fluff Actions as President.

1- Biden will NOT reverse many of Trump’s decisions.

2- He will NOT move the US embassy back to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem – Instead we will get more spin and fluff and little substance.

3- Biden may call for a two state solution of Israel and Palestine. But without first moving US Embassy back to Tel Aviv, his new policy will lack any substance for Middle Eastern people to embrace it as a genuine attempt for real peace in the Middle East – Instead we will get more spin and fluff and little substance.

4- Biden will have the US rejoin The Paris Accord on Climate Change. But he will not push for needed increase in cutting of carbon emissions by world governments nor will he call for US to cut its coal use – Instead we will get more spin and fluff and little substance.

5- He will tweak some laws to show that he is championing George Floyd and Black lives matter. But I hope and call on him to reopen the case of the acquittal of the cop who kneeled on Floyd neck to death. I also call on him to call for an investigation into who ordered 32 NFL team owners to boycott Collin Kaepernick because he was the first man to kneel during the playing of the US national anthem in protest for black men dying by cops – If he does not I expect more spin and fluff and little substance.

6- Other predictions to follow.

I hope an pray i am wrong on all my analysis and predictions.

Background Information:

  • Who is Rahm Emanuel?

Rahm Emanuel’s father, an Israeli physician, was a member of the terrorist group Irgun in the 1940s. Irgun was responsible for blowing up the King David Hotel and ethnically cleansing much of Palestine through selective massacres of Arab civilians. In an interview in the Jerusalem Post, Dr. Benjamin Emanuel said he was convinced that his son’s appointment as White House chief of staff would be good for Israel. “Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel,” he was quoted as saying. “Why wouldn’t he be? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to clean the floors of the White House.” Commenting on his father’s statement, Rahm Emanuel noted that Obama does not need his influence to “orientate his policy toward Israel.”

More info on Rahm Emanuel and his ties to AIPAC and allegiance to the state of Israel.

  • President Obama 2008 Speech at Al-Azhar University.

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