Leaked Pentagon Video | Was vaccine designed to take out ‘God Gene VMAT2’ in “Religious Fanatics” & “Terrorists” sprayed over entire population?

By Khaled Fattal, Survivability News Publisher.

The leaked and daunting video below is not from the Hitler archives conducted during Nazi Germany. Is it appears to be a Pentagon / Department of Defence project briefing to alter the “God Gene” and human behaviour of entire populations to turn “religious fanatics” and “terrorists” into “normal” people.

Today, it has become almost impossible to tell fact from fiction. In fact, one can very effectively discredit leaked or whistle blower factual information and convert them into fake news or conspiracy theories. This is further proof that western democracy is in stage 4 cancer and “aspirin pills” measures will not save it and the “leaked” video is no different. 

The time stamped video briefing says it was taken in 2005 at the pentagon, in the land where freedom of speech, expression, religion, and worship are all enshrined in the US constitution.

Project Goal and Context

The project briefing was conducted during the Bush Administration four years into its Iraq invasion. Many will recall the invasion was based on US and UK’s assertion that Saddam possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which later turned out to be not just a lie but a total fabrication.

During and after the Iraq invasion, US troops were sustaining serious casualties by Iraqi resistance thru improvised bombs and suicide attacks.

The Bush Administration could have reconsidering its invasion’s illegality, immorality, lives lost, human suffering, devastation, and corrected its mistake. It could have come to terms with the fact that proud people and nations who are invaded do resist their invaders, often with ferocity. Instead, the Bush Administration doubled down by trying to use bio-chemical warfare to alter the brain DNA of an entire population to change the invasion outcome.

FunVax” was the project’s name. It stood for “Fundamentalist Vaccine”. The project was developed to adjust human behavior by manipulating what is known as the God Gene VMAT2 and by delivering a retrovirus and vaccine that could augment a person’s genome to make them more docile and become “normal”  and not “religious fanatics” or “terrorists”.

Altering Entire People’s DNA

The vaccine was to be delivered through aerosol spraying over the entire population who would never know or realize they were being genetically modified, altered and manipulated. This was one of the US military industrial complex many projects developed for controlling populations which the public seldom finds out about. This one was an exception because it was leaked, not because of the transparency of our western democratic system, not because it works in holding our officials accountable.

Outrage at Genetically Modified Food – Not Humans

Worth noting, in the last decade, citizens of many western democracies were outraged at the prospect of having to consume genetically modified foods. Yet they remain oblivious that their governments and leaders planned to manipulate and modify the DNA of entire cultures, nations and people to make them “normal”.

Recently Monsieur Macron lectured the world on what Freedom of Expression is. Before him, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump all claimed to want to spread democracy around the world. We now know the truth behind their true intentions and what they were / are actually doing.

Questions That Must Be Asked:

  • How can American and world citizens factually know if the Pentagon did or did not consider this project, develop it, and/ or conduct it, or spayed populations with it? 
  • Could any of the these techniques been used that led to the Covid-19 mutation, outbreak, pandemic?
  • If a God Brain Gene of a population can be chemically altered thru aerosol spray or vaccine, have projects to alter “Opinion Brain Gene” by the US been undertaken to make Americans and/or non-Americans more populistic / nationalistic?
  • Could that explain the success of the new Populist movements across the world (that universally blame immigrants) and which saw the rise to power of new populist leaders like Trump in the US, Orban in Hungary, Bolsonaro in Brazil,  Modi in India, etc?

Watch the video below and decide if you are willing to accept such Hitler like actions to be done in the 21st century, by your elected officials, in your name, supposedly to make you safer.  

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