S-News Exclusive: Libyan government head stepping down | Who will be US, UK, Russia, France, Turkey, UAE, Saudi & Israel compromise candidate? 

The camel trading between regional and super powers on who the compromise candidates are to lead Libya next seems to be nearing its conclusion.

Fayez al-Sarraj, the head of Libya’s UN-recognised Government of National Accord said Wednesday he planned to step down within six weeks as part of efforts to broker a peace agreement.

Libya has endured almost a decade of civil war since 2011 NATO-backed the uprising that toppled and killed its president  Moammer Al-Kadhafi and set the country on the road to endless bloodshed.

Sarraj’s GNA has battled against a rival administration in eastern Libya led by General Khalifa Haftar, whose offensive against the regime in Tripoli recently ground to a halt after more than a year of deadly conflict.

Both sides have since met for peace talks in Morocco after last month announcing a surprise ceasefire and pledging national elections.

Survivability News can report that all the foreign powers, regional and international, many of whom contributed to the county’s bloodshed directly and thru local proxies, have been camel trading on who the next compromise interim leaders will be.

It is a showcase of how totally inept the Libyans are in making their own decisions and assuring the future of their own people. It also shows how dependent they are on local and international blessings to do anything, including who to chose as their next interim or permanent leader.

The camel trading between all these powers seems to have focused on a couple of persons who can satisfy the aggregated requirements and interests of all competing powers.

More importantly, all individuals who are being considered for the role of next Interim leader, would need to assure all these powers, especially the supers powers that their conflicting strategic interests and influences will be secured in order to be backed and accepted.

Does that mean that all future rebuilding of the country, its future oil and gas rights and contracts, its 10s of billions of dollars currently frozen in western banks are the prize for all to share?

Will Libya’s next leader be a puppet to foreign powers or a true deliverer?

Survivability News will soon publish an exclusive feature report on who are some of these names, investigate their qualifications, their plans to rebuild Libya, and how they will deliver to the Libyan people what they deserve.


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