Morocco calls Muhammad cartoons an ‘act of provocation’ | Boycott of French products in Arab world gains momentum | France urges Arab countries not to overreact

France says calls to boycott French products in Arab countries should stop immediately

Morocco has become the latest Arab nation to hit out at France after cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad were projected onto two French government buildings, calling it an “insulting act of provocation”.

The French government issued a statement at the weekend urging Arab countries to resist public calls for a boycott of French goods, as the row over the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty – and president Emmanuel Macron’s comments in the aftermath – continued to escalate.

On Sunday, Morocco in a statement called for France to stop “stoking resentment” and condemned the continuing publication of cartoons of the Prophet, saying that they reflect the “immaturity of their perpetrators”.

“Freedom of expression cannot, for any reason, justify the insulting provocation and the offence of the Muslim religion, which has more than two billion followers across the world. As much as it condemns all obscurantist and barbaric violence allegedly perpetrated in the name of Islam, the Kingdom of Morocco stands up against these abusive provocations of the sacredness of the Muslim religion,” said the statement.

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