New Evidence of Israel’s Genocidal Intent Uncovered. | IDF Used “AI Lavender” to Kill Large Numbers of Palestinian Civilians & Targeting Hamas Fighters Raising its Cold Killing Efficiency to Unprecedented Heights.

New evidence adding more potential evidence of Israel’s Gaza genocidal intent and ethnic cleaning of its Palestinian civilians have surfaced.

For the last six months, the Israeli military’s bombing campaign on Gaza that killed more than 33 thousand civilians, most of who are children and women, used a previously undisclosed AI-powered database called Lavander. At one instant Lavender identified 37,000 potential targets based on their apparent links to Hamas, according to intelligence sources involved in the war.


In addition to talking about their use of the AI system Lavender, the intelligence sources say that Israeli military officials authorized large numbers of Palestinian civilians to be killed, particularly during the early weeks and months of the conflict.

Their unusually candid testimony provides a rare glimpse into the first-hand practices of Israeli intelligence officials who have been using machine-learning systems to help identify targets during the six-month war.

Israel’s use of powerful AI systems in its Gaza war on Hamas has entered unprecedented territory for advanced warfare, challenging many traditional cand conventional legal and moral questions, raising the ability to kill at mass and efficient scale to new heights and therefore transformed existing relationship between military personnel, technology development and their machines.

“This is unparalleled, in my memory,” said one intelligence officer who used Lavender, adding that they had more faith in a “statistical mechanism” than a grieving soldier. “Everyone there, including me, lost people on October 7. The machine did it coldly. And that made it easier.”

Another Lavender user questioned whether humans’ role in the selection process was meaningful. “I would invest 20 seconds for each target at this stage, and do dozens of them every day. I had zero added-value as a human, apart from being a stamp of approval. It saved a lot of time.”

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