PRESS RELEASE – MLi Group Gifts the World and Hospitality Sector one minute into 2021 (GMT).


MLi Group Gifts the World and Hospitality Sector one minute into 2021 (GMT).

Launch of MLi Group ‘Hospitality Sector Survivability’ Templated Model – the first in MLi’s ‘Sector Survivability Series’.


00:01 January 1, 2020 GMT | Survivability News

London, Los Angeles. — 00:01 GMT January 01, 2021 At one minute into 2021, the MLi Group and Survivability News announce their gift to the world and the hospitality sector worldwide with the launch of MLi Group’s Hospitality Sector Survivability Templated Model – the first in MLi’s Sector Survivability Series initiative.

The Hospitality Sector Survivability Model is a templated and adaptable solution to the unprecedented threats impacting the Hospitality Sector. The sector’s stakeholders, its workers, lives and livelihoods, as well as countries and national economies locally and internationally all can benefit. The model is an innovative way for national leaders and sector players to consider, adapt, adopt, and implement survivability measures. Its benefits go beyond rescuing their sector and its stakeholders from Covid-19’s devastating impact. It will also help them safely reopen their local hospitality sectors and economies in 2021.

It is also a new way forward for the sector, enabling it to cease being a drain on a country or municipality’s resources and regain its ability to contribute to the economy, to save jobs and boost morale. Moreover, early adopters stand to gain national, economic and sector competitive advantages over other nations, economies, and sectors.

The Model is launched to the world on the MLi Survivability News portal and is available in the form of a specially formulated video address, delivered by MLi Group chairman and Survivability News publisher Mr. Khaled Fattal.

“We decided to launch the MLi Group Sector Survivability Series and start with the Hospitality Sector Survivability initiative because it is one of the most devastated sectors around the world and its outlook is bleaker in 2021 unless a major intervention takes place.” said Fattal. “We also decided to launch the initiative one minute into 2021 to help the world start the new year not just with hope, but a ‘proactive hope’ infused with a templated model that can make a difference. We want to help make people’s lives better everywhere.”

Fattal later added: “Although we are a business, our motivation is not profit oriented. It is our way of being a force for good, because the world seriously needs it more than ever before. We also want to inspire others to follow suit.”

The detailed video can be seen on It illustrates the devastating global decline hospitality has suffered in 2020 due to Covid-19, coupled with most governments’ “Paint Brush” approaches to solutions which act to the detriment of people, the sector, the economy, despite the arrival of vaccines. It describes the MLi Hospitality sector Survivability templated model, structure, format, and its modality as well as the public/private partnership policy formulation and outcomes it can produce. Moreover, it shows how it will enable hospitality stakeholder players to open safely without being virus spreaders.

Compared with the current “Paint Brush” lockdowns and tier systems currently followed by most governments around the world, some of the key critical benefits of the MLi’ templated model are:

  • Boosting morale.
  • Saving jobs under threat.
  • Reclaiming vanished jobs.
  • Decreasing current drain on government resources.
  • Accelerating economic recovery safely.
  • Early adopters will gain national, economic, and sector competitive advantages.

The MLi group stands ready to assist your government, country, state, city, municipality, and sector in deploying its model and adapting it to your needs and challenges.

Call to Action – Compelled, curious, or interested government and sector leaders and players around the world can reach out to MLi by submitting their Expression of Interest (EOI) for a no obligation exploration.

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GPC attacks are often aimed at coercing or altering the political and economic directions of nations and organizations. To date, national and corporate resiliency, continuity, and cyber security strategies/solutions continue to fail in defending or mitigating alike. This new and continuously escalating threat vector threatens not only corporate and national security, but their effective and competitive “Survivability.” For more information, contact MLi Group to request a private briefing or visit:

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“Never before in human history has mankind had so much information at his fingertips, and yet, never before has he been so misled and misinformed – an unprecedented intervention is critically needed. It’s time for ‘real’ change!” – Khaled Fattal, Founder and Publisher.

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