Speakers: China Vs USA | Survivability News Virtual Round Table Event

Government Minister

Identity to be revealed at the event.

Karim Alwadi, Ph.D.

Dr. Karim Alwadi is a senior China expert based in Beijing since 2001. He is Ren Min University Middle East and African Studies Institute fellow and visiting professor, Co-founder of the Belt and Road Saving Children Program, and advisory board member of the China-Arab State Expo. He obtained his Ph.D. from China Foreign Affairs University in international politics and his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Ren Min University in international relations focusing on Sino Arab relations.

He is a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network, and a recipient of the 2019 McNulty Prize Catalyst Fund and is a Fellow of the fifth class of the Middle East Leadership Initiative. Dr.Alwadi is also founder of several companies in China spanning several sectors such as Agriculture Machinery, infrastructure and energy development and in the oil products trade.

Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola (AhA), Ph.D.

Dr. Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola is concurrently Chair, African Union Cyber Security Expert Group to the African Union Commission; He is also Chair of Nigeria’s National Cyber Security Policy and Strategy (NCPS) 2014 committee, Chair, Working Group on Cyber Incident Management and Critical Information Protection, Global Forum on Cyber Expertise.

With over 35 years global Cybersecurity experience, Dr. Ajijola is Listed on UNODA Roster of Experts: online training course in “Cyber-diplomacy” development; and Commissioner, Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace. He is a founding member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation – Computer Emergency Response Team; resource person ITU Arab Regional Cyber Security Centre/ Oman National CERT; South East Asia Regional Centre for Counterterrorism; and Adviser to four Nigerian National Security Advisers.

AhA is the Chair, Consultancy Support Services (CS2) Ltd., a Nigerian Cyber Security, eLibrary and ICT Policy Consultancy Firm. He is working to kick-start the development of an Africa Cybersecurity sub-sector employing young knowledge workers who will profitably drive Cybersecurity solutions value chains to solve current and future problems.

Malcolm Warr, OBE

Malcolm is Chairman of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Scotland & Chairman of Maritime Services Management Ltd. He received his OBE from the Queen of England for his work and positive contribution in reducing the effect of the genocide in Rwanda.  

After a successful career in the Royal Navy, Malcolm has spent the last 25 years or so working with government and private sector Defence and Security industry with focuses on improving Resilience in civic society especially the incremental protection of Critical National Infrastructure. He has also chaired numerous international defence and security conferences that address humanitarian, technical, political, and economic challenges society faces.

Haidar Fraihat, Ph.D.

United Nations ESCWA, Director of the Technology Development Department, 2011-2019 Promoted to Senior Technology and Innovation Adviser in 2019. lead various regulatory leadership and government roles in Jordan for a period of 6 years such as Director General of the Department Jordanian statistics in 2008.

Dr. Haidar was a professor and lecturer at many local and international universities such as Chicago State University, the Illinois Institute of Technology, the Roosevelt University in America, the University of Petroleum and Minerals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the University of Sohar in Oman, the University of Mutah and Petra, And the University of Jordan in Jordan.

Over the course of his career, Haidar has been a member of the Jordan entry negotiations for membership of the World Trade Organization, the Jordanian Privatization Team and the Jordanian-European Partnership Team after working to establish the Information and Technology Department at the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Qatar

Throughout his career, Dr. Fraihat has published many publications in excess of 50 papers, including 13 published and refereed scientific papers, in addition to more than 20 papers discussed in conferences and many papers that have been delivered in several scientific conferences and seminars. Dr. Fraihat also has two academic textbooks on operations research and management.

His research interests had wide scope and included management information systems, scientific management, economics and quantitative methods, where he supervised many masters and doctoral theses.

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