Survivability Podcasts™ | FAA Grounds All US Flights – Was it a “Glitch”? Let Me Tell You What I know With Certainty.

  •  FAA Grounds All US Flights – Was it a “Glitch”?  Let Me Tell You What I know With Certainty. 
  •  How does my International Best-Seller Book SURVIVABILITY, and its chapters 13 – TRANSPORTATION and 15 – AVIATION address yesterday’s specific TSA “Glitch” incident? 
  •  How does the Covid-19 Pandemic and Western governments’ responses to it, especially those of the U.S. and the UK, factor into this?
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Pilots were forced to ground all flights departing from within the United States on Wednesday due to what Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) called as a “Glitch”.

NOTAM, is The FAA’s Notice to Air Missions system that is normally responsible for alerting pilots to hazards along their routes. For a few hours on Wednesday, NOTAM was unable to update or display any vital safety data. Such critical data being missing made flying a higher risk and this resulted in the FAA taking the decision of a total halt in departures across the USA.

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