Turkey Greece Conflict | Are Two NATO Nations Heading for War?

On August 30 2020, Survivability News published its featured post and analysis Greece Turkey Conflict | Is Europe now at Greater Risk?“. It laid out key factors that have significantly raised Turkey Greece tensions and warned how this recent Geo-Political escalation is putting Europe at greater risk.

Very few main stream news outlets and channels, especially European ones, were giving this topic the significance it deserves. They still continue to do so. This was one of the reasons why Survivability News editorial team decided to make it a Survivability News Featured Topic.

The feature was to elevate the significantly lacking public awareness of this topic and these recent tensions between these two NATO member nations and how they can seriously impact people’s lives and livelihoods in Europe and beyond if left unchecked.

A few days after Survivability News published its Turkey Greece Feature, on September 3rd to be exact, DW News, the German public broadcast service program ‘To The Point’ published Turkey vs Greece: Is Erdogan willing to risk war? It addressed how the risk of war is increasing as Turkish President Erdogan’s foreign policy is growing more aggressive on the Mediterranean over natural gas.

Survivability News recommends its reader and followers to watch The DW News report below.