Public Trust Damaged | U.S. Anthony Fauci & EU Politicians Criticise UK’s Vaccine Approval Speed | Unclear if Motivation is 100% Scientific, Political, or Economic?

By Khaled Fattal – Survivability News Publisher’s Corner

Trust in politicians was already dying unceremoniously. Today, it may be closer to real death than ever before.

After the UK became the first western country to approve a COVID-19 vaccine, Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s top immunolgist, criticised Britain’s approval of Pfizer vaccine, saying: ‘The UK did not do it as carefully’.

EU politicians also criticised the UK’s speed of approval. The EU said that its own approval process was more rigorous because it was based on more evidence.

Contradictory & Conflicted Narratives 

The UK, regulator and politicians, remain adamant that the Pfizer’s vaccine it approved is safe. Yet, Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn said about the UK’s approval of Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 shot on Wednesday: “The idea is not to be first but to have a safe and effective vaccine,”

The EU’s drug regulator was also critical of the UK saying that its own approval process was more rigorous than the UK’s, because it was based on more evidence.

Confused Citizen at all time High – Are Corrupt Politicians & Pharma Greed to Blame?

Meanwhile, the most confused of all is the ordinary citizen who wants a safe, reliable, solution to this pandemic asap and cannot tell what and whom to trust any more. Already, people were trusting their politicians less and less. Now, this distrust is compounded by the race for which country will have the vaccine approved and rolled out 1st.

It seems greed and corruption have resurfaced despite the PR spin and claims by all claiming to want to save the world and humanity. It seems, business and political leaders have not changed ethos and are now more eager than ever to advance their financial and political agendas and ambitions.

All Leading Western Democracies Already Failed their Citizens

All western democracies’ governments who are bickering now, and who are also top economic powers, are proven failures on unprecedented scales. All failed in their preparations and responses to the Covid-19 pandemic to the detriment of their citizens with more than a millions dead, and 10’s of millions infected, and rising.

People simply want to go back to as normal a life as possible without business and political leaders putting their lives on the line to advance their own agendas or spinning unprecedented failures as successes.

Being lied to by politicians is an unbreakable Tradition 

We have all been lied to and deceived by our governments before. in case you did not know or you forgot, here are a couple of recent reminders.

  • Remember Iraq’s WMD? Remember the Iraq invasion in 2003 during the Bush and Blair days which lead to more than a million Iraqis dead plus thousands of US, UK and allies soldiers being killed or maimed? It was all based on lies and deception. Yet the Iraq invasion paved the way for the birth of ISIS and launched its man-made not faith-made horrors on the world. It also launched these western democracies’ Global War on Terror which we are all still living under, footing the bill for, and less safe than we were before 2003.
  • Remember the U.S. NSA’s scandal “PRISM”? It mass America’s mass surveillance /spying on not just Americans, which was illegal and unconstitutional, but on the entire world. It started in 2007 under President Bush’s leadership and administration and continued under Obama’s. It included spying on U.S. allies such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel. All this was defended after it was uncovered as “making America and the world safer from global terrorism”.

Healthy Distrust of Politicians Critically Needed 

So having a healthy distrust of politicians in order to hold them and our government officials to account is a civic responsibility I and all of us need to take seriously. I also chose to champion this ethos as a western citizen as Survivability News publisher.

So would I be surprised if one day I wake up to discover, thru a hack, a leak, or a whistle blower, that the true motivations behind Fauci and EU politicians and regulator criticisms were not 100% scientific but flavored with economic and/or political interests and under currents? No.

Or could I one day discover that the UK government knew in advance about some of the serious side effects of the Pfizer vaccine but rushed its approval anyway, justifying their decision as getting the “balance right”? No.

I long for the day when i can answer yes, and yes.

N.B Survivability News did report on numerous occasions calling into question many issues including the speed of the vaccine development and approval. It also reported on the credibility or ‘rap- sheet’ of one of the vaccine manufacturers, Pfizer.

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Khaled Fattal, Survivability News Publisher

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