US gets awaited excuse NOT to bring troops home | Taliban attack covert US base in Afghanistan

Yesterday, Survivability News published the following post,

US Presidents Come and Go but Perpetual Wars Remain Never Ending | Biden likely to extend US troop presence in Afghanistan 

The post said;

“You would be forgiven for thinking change was about to happen. After all narcissist President Trump was gone and “caring” Joe Biden is the new leader of the free world after campaigning on  “values”, “decency”, “humanity” and “civility”.

Well, US Presidents come and go but perpetual wars remain Never-Ending as Biden looks like extending US troop presence in Afghanistan

President Joe Biden appears ready to let lapse a May 1 deadline for completing a withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Too many presidents promised to bring the troops home – non did.”

the Post concludes by saying:

Who knows, maybe another crisis might emerge needing these troops to remain in Afghanistan, or be sent elsewhere to promote freedom and democracy like Syria – but not home.”

Today, international media outlets reported that the Taliban have conducted multiple attacks last month on covert US base in Afghanistan and one of the most heavily guarded bases in the country.

US military personnel working for the CIA were at the installation when it came under fire. Some media stations, such as CNN, have already started spinning the narrative that this “complicates Biden withdrawal decision”.

While the Taliban attacks happened last month, only in the last few hours have they been reported on publicly.

Is it looking highly possible that some media outlets ( such as CNN), in concert with the Biden administration, were preparing the public for viable excuse that would justify NOT to bring troops home?

One that can excuse NOT fulfilling a campaign promise?.

What do you Think?

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