Why did US Pentagon deploy 150 private military contractors from Libya, Malta, Erbil/Iraq to Eastern Europe Prior to Moldovan Elections?

Arms Watch’s investigation reports that least 150 private US military contractors have been transported to Eastern Europe from Malta, Libya, Erbil/Iraq, and other locations on Pentagon-chartered flights over the last weeks. Read report below.

The unusual US activity on the Balkans was taking place days before yesterday’s presidential elections of November 1, 2020 in Moldova. A country of 3.5 million people sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine.

Like much of eastern Europe and the Balkans – it is bitterly divided as it endures the pull and tug of two geopolitical spheres of interest and influence – EU/USA from one side and Russia from the other.

It will be the 4th presidential election since the nation’s declaration of independence. Voters choices are either a new president or to re-elect incumbent Igor Dodon.

Questions to put the report in proper context. 

  • What Geo-Political, Geo-Poli-Cyber, and other risks and implications did or will these activities have on the Moldovan elections’ outcome?
  • Was the US trying to influence the Moldovan Elections?
  • What other purposes were behind these Pentagon contractors’ transportation activities?
  • How would the ramifications of these activities impact local, regional and international governments, businesses and ordinary stakeholders, especially European ones?
  • What risk mitigation strategies and solutions must top government officials and boardroom executives consider ASAP to minimize their immediate and long term impact on them?

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Read the report below:

US military contractors operating in Benghazi (Libya) were transferred to Bulgaria’s capital Sofia on 28 October 2020 via Malta using two aircraft.

At least 150 private military contractors have been transported to Europe on Pentagon-chartered flights over the last weeks, according to information and flight data analyzed by Arms Watch.

Sources at Sofia Airport have also revealed:

  • Boeing 767 with registration N495AX operated by Omni Air, USA (a Pentagon contractor working under a $19.8 million contract for air transportation services, according to information from the US federal contracts registry)
  • Saab 2000 with registration ES-NSH operated by Nyx Air – Estonia
N495AX Omni Air Boeing 767 (Dilyan T., flickr)
The US air company Omni Air operates military flights for the Pentagon under a $19.8 million contract for air transportation services. Source: govtribe

On 27 October 2020 at 14:23 UTC the American Boeing 767 with registration N495AX operated by Omni Air took off from Dulles International Airport, Washington and at 22:51 UTC landed at Sofia Airport.

On 28 October at 3:45 am EET N495AX departed from Sofia Airport and at 6:23 am EET landed in Erbil, Iraq.

At 7:50 am EET N495AX departed from Erbil to Malta.

Meanwhile, at 7:21 am EET the Estonian Nyx Air ES-NSH departed from Malta to Benghazi.

ES-NSH departed from Benghazi to Malta and at 10:50 am EET the aircraft landed at Luqa Airport, Malta.

An hour later, at 11:56 am EET N495AX landed in Malta from Erbil.

Few minutes later, the Estonian plane ES-NSH took off back to Benghazi.

After ES-NSH took off for Benghazi N495AX departed for Sofia at 1 pm EET.

Passengers from Erbil to Benghazi

According to flight information, 17 passengers from Erbil were transported by Omni Air N495AX to Malta from where they were transferred to Benghazi by Nyx Air ES-NSH.

Passengers from Benghazi to Sofia

23 passengers from Benghazi were transported by Nyx Air ES-NSH to Malta from where they were transferred to Sofia by Omni Air N495AX, information from Sofia Airport reveals. The two planes exchanged passengers.

Although the US Army does not officially operate in Benghazi, the number of flights between Benghazi and Washington has risen since June, according to an investigative report published by The Times.

N495AX departed back to Washington from Sofia and landed at Dulles Airport at 00:54 UTC on 29 October.

The same day, 29 October, at 14:05 UTC the same Omni Air aircraft N495AX departed from Washington Dulles Airport and landed again at Sofia Airport at 12:30 am EET (two consecutive flights in just two days).

2 h 25 min later, at 2:55 am EET on 30 October another Omni Air Boeing 767 with registration N207AX landed at Sofia Airport from Washington Dulles Airport.

While N207AX (OAE6639) was still taxiing, the other Omni Air aircraft N495AX (B763) departed from Sofia at 3:02 am EET heading east to Kabul and then back to Sofia and Washington.

Military flights with special status to Sofia and Bucharest

Omni Air has performed a number of flights to Bulgaria and Romania over the last few months, flight data shows. The air company has been contracted by the US Transportation Command to transport passengers and cargo for the Pentagon, according to information from the US Federal contracts registry.  These flights are military flights with a special status operated by civil aircraft – MARSA flights.

Omni Air N495AX at Bucharest Airport on 25 September 2020. (Photo: Mihai Cioponea, jetphotos)
Omni Air N648AX landing at Sofia Airport on 3 June 2020. (Photo: Stefan P., jetphotos)

How related is all this activity to upcoming Moldovan elections on November 11 that will also name the countries new President?

US Secretary of Defense Mark Epster has already announced that the US will further expand its defense cooperation with Bulgaria and Romania. It is likely that such plans include the urgent transfer of military contractors from war zones to Europe.

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Source Arms Watch: US deploys private military contractors from Libya to Europe

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