What Connects Israel-UAE Peace, Yemen war, Blackwater, Erik Prince, Trump’s Secretary of Education & US Military Industrial Complex?

Watch below to see for yourself what mainstream western media intentionally hides from you.

This week, Jake Morphonios shares his insights on President Trump hosting representatives from the Israel and the United Arab Emirates at the White House.

But are the UAE and the US true friends because of their shared values on democracy? Or is it because of America’s special interest, Military Industrial Complex, Israel and its Mossad?


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What Are
Cyber™ Risks?

What Is Geo-Poli-Cyber™?

MLi Group created the terms Poli-Cyber™ and Geo-Poli-Cyber™ (GPC™) in 2012 and 2013 based on the philosophy that if you cannot identify and name the threat, you cannot mitigate that threat.

Geo-Poli-Cyber™ attacks are political, ideological, terrorist, extremist, ‘religious’, and/or geo-politically motivated.

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