Will Part of Biden’s Foreign Policy Strategy be a continuation of Trump’s “Take the Oil”? Video

Survivability News Opinion Editorial

While Americans are celebrating the success of democracy in getting rid of Trump, they are forgetting or neglecting to demand the details in Biden’s strategy as new President.

So what will be Biden’s foreign policy strategy?

Well, Biden’s Foreign Policy Strategy as President should not be that much a mystery if recent history are anything to go by.

in 2016, Candidate Trump promised throughout the primary season to “take the oil” from Syria, Iraq, Libya and beyond.

Previously, President Barack Obama and his VP Joe Biden had supported operations to destabilize Libya, Syria & Ukraine as part of CIA-orchestrated operations, coordinated by Hillary Clinton’s State Department, to gain control of energy resources & supply lines.

So what should Americans and the world expect from a Biden Foreign Policy in the name of democracy?

Biden is extremely likely to continue to serve the elevate the war of Terror and on Terror and its funding the Military Industrial Complex.

He will also continue the oil grabbing operations that Trump pushed during his term, including activities in Venezuela & the South China Sea. The video below is an excerpt from a show originally broadcast in October 2019 by Jake Morphonios of Black Stone Intelligence. Watch and make your own mind up