Covid-19 Vaccines | Fact vs Fiction

Survivability News Publisher Mr. Khaled Fattal interviews Nano technologist, medical & pharmaceutical
international expert Dr Imad Nassani (See Bio).

Watch or listen to check if what you know is verified fact or fake news.


Interview Synopsis

Dr Imad Nassani, Nano technologist, medical and pharmaceutical expert..(See Bio)

In the age of fake news, misinformation, disinformation, but especially, “Purposed Disinformation” that can bring a nation down to its knees, almost everything is touched or impacted in our lives. The Covid-19 pandemic, the vaccines, and everything else in between, are no exception.

How are people to tell the difference between complete facts, partial facts, fake news or false narratives about the Covid-19 vaccines? This is our attempt to help people become better informed citizens.

During the interview, Mr. Fattal and Dr Nassani attempt to separate fact from fiction, such as:

  • Are Nano particles contained in these vaccines?
  • Which contain nanoparticles and which do not?
  • How are vaccines formulated, and which is safer than the others?
  • Can such nanoparticles be controlled from the outside, i.e. through 5G?
  • What are the differences in the way these vaccines are formulated?
  • What are the medium to long term risks of these vaccines to people?
  • How can people better understand the science to become better informed?
  • What easy and practical things people can actually do, in their daily life, to reduce their covid-19 risk exposure by 80-90%?


  • East vs West vaccine race by the super powers: What are the ramifications of their  international deployment to expand their geo-political influence?
  • And pay special attention to the “shocking surprise finding” at the end of the Part 2, which will be investigated and addressed in a follow up episode.

Covid19 Vaccines | Fact vs Fiction

Survivability News interviews Nano technologist Dr Imad Nassani

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