Is cause of Beirut explosion same as Texas City disaster of 1947, as some news outlets are saying?

Survivability News & Analysis: The Texas 1947 explosion being labelled as similar to the Hiroshima-like white cloud of the Beirut explosion appears inaccurate.  Photos of both explosion do not look similar.

“Exploding ammonium nitrate caused the massive explosion in Beirut as well as the explosion that killed more than 500 people in Texas City in 1947.” ABC13 Eyewitness News.

Yet ABC13 Eyewitness news, CNN, and many western and Middle Eastern outlets ran with this narrative above.

Beirut Explosion white cloud

Is it possible this was to dispel the highly possible and widely believed scenario that the explosion was triggered by an attack? In fact, hours after the Beirut explosion, President Trump said that his great generals told him it was an attack. Shortly after, the Pentagon was quick to contradict what the President said.

Is it possible it was actually an Israeli Missile?

It appears that western and middle eastern media outlets were peddling the comparison of another Ammonium Nitrate explosion and calling it “similar” but one that took place one year prior to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. Was this to dispels Israel’s involvement without even mentioning it? if so, that would be brilliant PR but not high on any journalistic integrity scale.

This can turn any scenario of Israel’s involvement into a conspiracy theory and hallucination, wouldn’t it? But as you look closer at the photos to decide for yourself ask yourself:

Why did the west and French President Macron rush to Lebanon 48 hours after the explosion? why did he meet the Lebanese Hezbollah? And did he request them to be patient and not retaliate? Why was the west so eager to offer aid to Lebanon ASAP after trying to strangle it economically with conditional IMF aid tied to the disarmament of Hezbollah weapons? Was it to insure Israel’s stability is not put at risk?

Unfolding story. Stay tuned. 


Source: Cause of Beirut explosion same as Texas City disaster of 1947

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