Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism is a key component of Survivability News in creating the paradigm shift needed for real change.

Part of our mission and investigative journalism model is assuring anonymity and protection, as needed, for our sources at the highest journalistic standards.

Our goal of bringing conflicting news and narratives, all in one place, and analysing them, is further strengthened by this ethos.

We are empowering local and international journalists and those with great inquisitive minds from all over the world who share our vision to join our drive to make real change happen. They can now submit their unique scoops for us to look into for consideration to investigate, publish and expose internationally. This would otherwise endanger their lives if exposed or published locally.

Get in Touch.

Click here to contact us to initiate the process of supplying us your scoop. information or intel. Please note: all stories or information will be scrutinized first before consideration for publishing.

Higher Security and Anonymity.

For those with great concern over their anonymity due to the sensitivity of the information they wish to share with us we recommend secure messaging Survivability News directly on the Signal App on this number +44 7766 098270.