Confessions of an Economic Hit Man | Author John Perkins Message Every Freedom & Democracy Loving American Must Watch. Video

Are you an American who keeps asking or hearing: “Why do they hate us? Why do they hate our humanitarian values? We do so much good for the world, why do they hate our Freedom, our Democracy?”

Are you constantly being bombarded by fellow Americans peddling these same hate narratives of other cultures, countries and religions hating America and Americans?

Watch a couple of his videos which Survivability News had selected out of the many out there of John Perkins, renowned author of Confession of an Economic Hitman.

You might learn what decades of successive US administrations and their special interest partners have been doing to these people, in your name, disguised under the narrative of promoting freedom and decomcacy around the world.

The global economic, political and democratic model the world has been living under for last half century is corrupt. Will you continue accepting it unchallenged?