Survivability News Breaking | Bob Woodward ‘Rage’ – US Foreign Policy on Palestine & Israel Upended by Faked Video Netanyahu Showed Trump in 2017

The long standing US foreign policy of a two state solution—Palestine and Israel, significantly altered direction by a faked video Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed to President Trump in 2017.

Trump always bragged about himself being very smart—even smarter than most. He saw himself as the visionary and chief architect of the deal of the century to usher ‘new’ peace in the Middle East. However, the godfather of the recently announced UAE-Israel peace agreement, (supposedly to be followed by a domino effect of more Gulf Arab states to join), was duped by a faked video shown to him by PM Netanyahu.

In Bob Woodward’s book Rage, he details this moment, and revealed that the video appeared to be Palestinian Authority President Mahmood Abbas ordering the killing of children.

“Why isn’t this revelation receiving the global attention from the media it deserves?”

In less than 24 hours of its release, Woodward’s Rage captured the attention of the media all over the world and created a major storm for the Trump re-election drive. A key revelation that has been punted around like a football is that Trump knew in advance about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic but decided not to say much about it in order to avoid creating panic.

Why isn’t this revelation receiving the global attention from the media it deserves? It is one of the most shocking and least reported revelations of Rage, despite it directly relating to the perpetual global “war on terror” and which goes to the heart of Trump’s US Middle East foreign policy.

Woodward’s shocking information was not only about the faked video PM Netanyahu showed to President Trump, but some of the details about conversations surrounding it, where it happened, and who was involved.

US Middle East Foreign Policy Upended Overnight by Faked Evidence

Overnight, PM Netanyahu’s act reversed a long standing US policy position that had universal consensus amongst western allies, Russia, China, and the  UN for a two state solution. It also shot down any real prospect for peace in the Middle East.

For Trump, instead of delivering on his campaign promises to end US wars overseas, this staged act altered that objective and replaced it with an invigorated, hawkish dogma in the Trump administration. It also refuelled the US drive on its global “War on Terror,” and has funded its military industrial complex that emboldened and enriched many of its players.

This “war” was launched by President Bush with the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 over faked stories over Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction. It was continued / escalated by President Obama who increased defence spending despite the financial crisis of 2008. And is now maintained by President Trump—against his pledge to drain the swamp, end all foreign wars and the aforementioned promises.

Moreover, the faked video had set in motion a new US agenda that saw Trump withdraw the US from the UN Iran Nuclear deal (JCPOA) in 2018 and move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (recognized by the UN as occupied territory in the 1967 Arab Israeli war). These actions further enraged Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims worldwide hoping for justice with scenes of US flag-burning in protest. Such scenes prompted American citizens and media outlets to ask: 

“Why do they hate us so much?”

Some of What Bob Woodward said in Rage

  • Woodward writes that Trump is a man who can’t tell fantasy from reality.
  • That US policy towards Palestinians was changed overnight after Benjamin Netanyahu showed him a crudely forged video of Mahmoud Abbas ordering murders.
  • Mr Trump’s tone shifted markedly after his first visit to Israel as president in May 2017.
  • During a meeting with Mr Netanyahu at Tel Aviv’s King David Hotel, White House senior advisor Jared Kushner pulled then-secretary of state Rex Tillerson into a meeting because Mr Trump was upset at a video Mr Netanyahu had shown him.
  • “Watch this! This is unbelievable! You’ve got to see this,” Mr Trump said to Mr Tillerson, before ordering staff to play what Mr Tillerson believed to be a crudely fabricated video of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas making inflammatory statements.
  • According to Woodward, Mr Tillerson believed the video that showed Abbas supposedly ordering the murder of children by stringing together out-of-context words and sentences was either faked or manipulated.
  • And that’s the guy you want to help?” Mr Netanyahu asked Mr Trump.
  • When the Israeli leader had left the room, Mr Tillerson said to Mr Trump: “Mr President, you realise that the whole thing was fabricated?”
  • “Well it’s not fabricated,” Mr Trump replied. “They got the guy on tape saying it.”
  • The next day, Trump privately berated Mr Abbas when the two met in Bethlehem, calling him a “liar” and a “murderer” who had “tricked [him]” into believing that the long time Palestinian leader could be trusted.
  • The next year, he cancelled nearly all US aid to the Palestinian territories and ordered the Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s office in Washington DC to be closed.

US Middle East Foreign Policy: A Point of No Return?

Will Biden be Different? Will he Reverse Trump’s Decisions if he Wins? 

Survivability News Middle East and US Presidential election analysts said, “Anyone expecting President Biden (if he wins) to undo Trumps’ decisions on the Iran Nuclear deal, or to move back the US embassy from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv is not fully aware of the way US politics operates. Both democrats and republicans are very united on many foreign policy and regime change agendas like the Middle East and Venezuela.”

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